97 Chebogue Point Road


This is our house on Chebogue Point Road, in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. It is an 1860's building in the 'carpenter gothic' style according to Houses of Nova Scotia by Allen Penney. The side with the light on it is south. The house is a story and a half so the upstairs rooms have sloped ceilings. The basic house has a central hall with a front and back room on each side both up and down stairs - eight rooms in all. There is also a wing on the back that connects to the kitchen.

Between 1945, when this picture was taken, and when we bought to house in 1998 it had aged by 53 years and suffered a number of years of neglect. The wonderful barn in the background of the picture is gone. Its foundations are still there and form the base for a sunken garden. The little railing on the front porch was gone too and it wasn't until our neighbors brought the picture to us that we found that was a part to the original scheme.

A garage and shop with loft space was built as an addition and a launch area for house renovations. We lived in it until the fall of 1999 when we finally had the house weather proofed and heated enough to move inside. We dug out basement and crawl spaces, redid some of the foundations and sills, regraded the site to drain properly, added insulation and a central heating system, installed a composting toilet system and septic field, upgraded electricity, redid plumbing, put on a new roof and shingle siding all over the house. All widows were taken out and repaired. We recovered as much material as we could during the deconstruction process for reused in the building and landscape. The rooms were all refinished over a three year period. We called it 'done' in March 2002 with completion of the central hall. Landscape plans are in progress.


House in 1945